Our People

Our Nuclear Family

We have two biological children: Eliana (Ellie) who is 3 and Charles (Charlie) who is 2 years old. We both loved having siblings growing up and we would love to have a big family. It’s our hope that our kids will be friends with each other, love growing up together and stay close for the rest of their lives. Ellie is already a wonderful big sister to her brother Charlie and I know they both are as excited as we are to meet their new sibling!

Katie’s Extended Family

My mom and dad are both alive and happily married. I also have three siblings, all of whom are married with kids. Altogether, our family currently has nine nieces and nephews. I have five nephews: one who is 15, one who is 13 and three who are 4; and four nieces: one who is 8, one who is 6, one who is 3 and one who is 2 months old. My entire family is excited to meet our adopted child and welcome him or her into our family.

Luke’s Extended Family

Luke’s parents are also both still living and married. He has one sister who is married with two boys who are 4 and 1. Luke’s family is equally excited to welcome our adopted child into our family.